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Need USD 6.4 billion, Cyprus Euro Zone Ask for Help

Cyprus announces that it has asked the help of its eurozone partners, became the fifth of the 17 countries that share the euro seeking rescue funds. “The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has today informed the European authorities of its decision to inform the member countries of the euro area demand for financial aid,” said a statement issued by the Government of Cyprus, told AFP.

The statement did not specify the requested rate relief despite local media speculated it would be in the region of five billion euros (6.4 billion U.S. dollars).

Also did not state whether they are seeking a bailout or government funds to recapitalize banks, but the statement said the request for help is a consequence of the reduction in value of debt (write-down) Greek adverse financial institution.

Cypriot government, Reuters reported, has always emphasized the financial assistance they need just to help recapitalize the banking system relative to the worsening crisis of the euro.

An EU diplomat said last week that Cyprus will first ask the Russian loan of up to 5.0 billion euros, 2.5 billion euros has been secured low-interest loans from Moscow to cover the refinancing needs this year.

Thus following a Greek Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Spain which officially requested assistance from the euro zone.

Cypriot government said that the write-down of Greek bonds have been hit hard banking and encouraged her to seek help.

“The purpose of the assistance required is to overcome the risks to the economy of Cyprus, especially those arising from the negative spillover effects on the financial sector, due to a large exposure to the Greek economy,”

Cyprus also could seek foreign loans either from Russia or China gunan cover debt refinancing needs for 2013.

Cyprus confirmed the request just hours after Spain formally requested the banking rescue. The second request is being viewed European Financial Stability Facility and / or the European Stability Mechanism for help.

No data are published by Madrid, but the euro zone governments have agreed to place up to 100 billion euros (125 billion U.S. dollars) in loans.

The news comes as Cyprus prepares to take a turn to the EU presidency for six months on July 1.

Fitch Ratings downgraded the debt of Cyprus, because the demand for rescue has been widely anticipated in recent weeks.

Fitch said the downgrade “primarily due to exposure of Greek firms and households to the three largest banks – Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank and Hellenic Bank.” The credit rating agency said the Cypriot banks will require a capital injection of potentially up to 4.0 billion euros (5.0 billion dollars) – 24 percent of the island’s gross domestic product – in addition to 1.8 billion euros that have been allocated to Cyprus Popular Bank.

Greece has been forced to seek bail two times from the EU and the International Monetary Fund, the first for the 110 billion euro in 2010 and then to 130 mylar euro earlier this year. Greece also has 107 billion euros of private debt.

Portugal agreed to reform measures and savings in May 2011 in exchange for a package of 78 billion euros.

Ireland had to ask the IMF and EU for a bailout of 85 billion euros in November 2010.

Cyprus President Demetris Christofias has called an emergency meeting of party leaders on Tuesday to discuss the state of the recession that hit the local economy.

He was reluctant to seek a bailout of the European Union fear the consequences of the austerity measures imposed tougher Brussels.

Cyprus is very protective of the low corporation tax rate of 10 percent which helped to attract much needed foreign investment.

Both commercial banks and state banks have been able to borrow from international financial markets since June last year, because the island’s debt cut to junk status by two of the three international credit agencies.

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Blue Water Depot

Drinking water, remains a staple of every person, anytime, anywhere. Because the drinking water business still excited, still the prospect, especially if the ground water quality and hygiene in the area contaminated and low quality.

Blue Water depot Yantje founded in 2002, is part of efforts to provide safe drinking water and the best quality, low cost. A business concept of drinking water refill depot (DAMIU) are different from existing ones over the years.

100 Percent Ozone Technology

Where the difference Depo Drinking Water (DAM) Blue with depo-water refill depot the other? The difference apparently lies in the technology used. In the DAM using 100 percent blue ozone technology for drinking water production process generated.

Ozone is an industry standard technology used by companies in Package Drinking Water (bottled water) so that the water consumed has the proper requirements needed, such as rich in oxygen which is evident in the presence of grains in a gallon bottle of oxygen. Freshness of blue water level would be more secure because of the sale immediately after the production process is completed.

Blue water is available at prices ranging from one-third of the price of bottled drinking water. With such a high market demand and strong (demand driven) which is the main requirement is routine and the price is very affordable and high quality.

Blue water business growth from year to year increase. Currently Blue outlets reached 37 outlets. Blue water business profits are able to achieve gross margins of more than 65% with the achievement of break event point is relatively easily achieved and the power of cash of more than 9 million dollars per month.

Yantje seriousness was not in vain. Hard work and perseverance can produce 2 by MURI awards in the year 2007. The first award given for achievements Blue MURI as the first DAM in franchise nationally. The second award is a franchise business that DAM’s first use of 100 percent ozone technology for drinking water production process.

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VoIP Small Business Solution

Many small businesses tend tο lag behind thеіr lаrgеr counterparts іn thеіr υѕе οf nеw technology. Those thаt dο mау bе doomed, nοt οnlу tο remain small аnd fail tο realize thе growth thаt thеіr initial potential mау hаνе promised, bυt аlѕο tο lag behind thеіr smaller competitors. In fact a VoIP small business solution саn nοt οnlу save small businesses money, bυt аlѕο significantly increase thеіr communications efficiency.

It іѕ a proven fact thаt technology саn contribute a grеаt deal tο growth, irrespective οf thе size οf thе company involved, аnd even a single VoIP network саn give a small business a competitive edge.


Nοt οnlу саn a small business VoIP solution dramatically reduce thе size οf a phone bill tο thе company concerned, іt саn аlѕο hеlр tο reduce thе phone bills οf thеіr customers. A VoIP subscriber саn select аnу area code іt wаntѕ tο υѕе, ѕο thаt іf thе majority οf thеіr customers operate frοm Nеw York, thе business саn offer thеѕе customers calls аt thе local rate, even іf thаt business іѕ located іn Los Angeles.

In fact thіѕ type οf small business solution tο communication costs саn allow thеm tο offer toll free numbers tο thеіr more іmрοrtаnt customers, a service hitherto οnlу economically feasible tο lаrgеr companies. Hοw’s thаt fοr a competitive edge? In many businesses image іѕ everything аnd thіѕ VoIP small business solution tο competing wіth thе bіg boys іѕ a massive incentive tο adopting thіѕ nеw technology.

Thіѕ іѕ nοt аll thаt a VoIP small business solution offers, hοwеνеr. Thеrе іѕ аlѕο thе advantage thаt thе provision οf VoIP telephones tο sales personnel allows thеm tο communicate wіth head office, аnd еνеrу οthеr company employee issued wіth a VoIP handset, free οf charge irrespective οf distance.

Bесаυѕе thе VoIP small business solution tο telecommunications, lіkе аll οthеr VoIP applications, involves communication via thе internet, such communication саn bе mаdе using software аnd hardware suitable fοr IP υѕе such аѕ PC, laptop, palm computers, PDAs, Bluetooth аnd аnу οthеr technology suitable fοr packetized internet transfer аnd reception. Bу υѕе οf VoIP small business solution technology, small businesses саn аt last compete wіth networked corporate companies іn speed аnd flexibility οf communication.

Conference calls integrating οthеr web-based voice аnd video presentation technologies саn bе arranged аt thе click οf a button, аnd customers саn bе impressed wіth corporate technology аt small business prices.

A VoIP small business solution іѕ available fοr аnу medium tο small company structure, аnd simple networked systems саn easily bе incorporated due tο thе intrinsic internet аnd web-related technologies involved. Thіѕ mаkеѕ facilities available tο small businesses whісh previously hаd bееn thе domain οnlу οf thе large corporations thаt сουld afford thеm.

Wіth a customized VoIP small business solution, companies οf аnу size саn tick οff communication аѕ one more step towards nοt οnlу competing wіth large corporations, bυt getting ahead οf thеіr peers wіth respect tο communications efficiency, image аnd speed οf response tο requests аnd enquiries.

Aftеr аll, іf уου саn communicate wіth a colleague іn Japan qυісkеr аnd аt lower cost thаn уουr competitor саn wіth Boston, whаt chance dοеѕ hе hаνе? A VoIP small business solution designed specifically fοr уου саn achieve thіѕ аѕ standard – іt іѕ nοt аn expensive option!

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HP’s stock performance does not falter Dow Jones Cs

NEW YORK – Wall Street movement were still navigable concerns by investors, despite the overall stock market closed slightly unsatisfactory because it helped the company report on service sector growth.

Quoted by AFP, at the close of Wall Street trading local time, shares of Hewlett Packard (HP) fell on concerns about the company’s turn around strategy.

Investor HP shares closed down 13.0 percent to USD14.90 after HP’s chief executive Meg Whitman said it would make the opposite strategy than ever before.

However, the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average which includes blue chip stocks, the stock is not affected by the company earned a profit on the production of printers and personal computers. The Dow Jones closed up 12.25 points, or 0.09 percent, to 13494.61.

While the S & P 500 is more powerful, which rose 5.24 points, or 0.36 percent, at 1450.99, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rose 15.19 or the equivalent of 0.49 per cent) to 3135.23. The increase in the three supported by market gains of two positive data releases.

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Raising Cows Alternative Business Chic

Dizziness after retirement, not in the business? Still looking for opportunities and difficult search for alternatives that fit the business. Look to the village, there are many opportunities that exist there. Want to raise cattle, buffalo, or goat, or chicken. Many options to stay adjusted to the wishes and desired outcomes.

Low Risk High Yield

Usually, that produces a high return margin is a business that has a high risk. But the raising of cattle, belonging to a business that has a low risk but have the results and prospects of high margin.

The author tried to calculate the pattern of community development in the Village Mojodadi, District Pungging, Mojokerto regency, East Java, which most people raise beef cattle.

In this area, the field of business-holder livestock, particularly cattle maintenance business grew well and gave very encouraging results, and its people can prosper. In addition to the public has been accustomed for generations and raising livestock for business activities, guidance and proper supervision, raise cattle still provide high profit prospects

Sumali father is, for example. He was a cattle rancher, and also farmed. It has a four head of cattle, with an average profit of the sale of maintenance for 6 months reached Rp 1 million per tail.

Usually within 6 months of the farmers buy calves, then sell it back within the next six months.

The number of cows raised by people in this village depends on the ability of each farmer. But there are some people who invest their money to partner with farmers in this village with a profit sharing system for the results.

Mojokerto County Government, through the Department helps communities and farmers develop their business with a variety of activities and programs, including by inspecting livestock health, free pregnancy examinations and other consultations.

As can be seen and occurred some time ago, when cattle pregnancy examination performed in Mojodadi, Pungging District, District Mojokerto.

“People are excited and pleased with the activities that strongly support the efforts of farmers,” says Maji, a local resident who has a four head of cattle this.

If people enthusiastic to do business, and governments want to support it, undoubtedly well-being of people just waiting time. n The author is a Supervisory Quality Agricultural District. Mojokerto

We Livestock: Anyone Want Pro-

Continuous improvement is a very real prospect in Indonesia. Price of beef in Indonesia continues to rise, and never dropped the price, but unfortunately the welfare of farmers do not arrive. Other data presented is sure to surprise you. Indonesia is rich in grass, it only has a population of 10.4 million cattle each year and is unable to meet the needs of beef to 230 million more people. Every year, Indonesia had to import beef and live cattle averaged 650 000 head of cattle.

If only the government would side with the farmers and ranchers for cattle would develop the business as a business entity, it is possible to increase the incomes of rural communities.

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Business Students in Free Land

Business can indeed anywhere, not least in the car park at the University of Indonesia. Some UI students, using his personal car for business outlets. Products that sell diverse, ranging from trousers, shirt, t-shirts and other fashion. Usually they are with their friends make a pact with each other or the first contact. Sometimes there are other students who are passing or being in that location, and are interested in buying products that simply displayed in the trunk of the car.

Generally, the products sold are branded fashion and have a good quality, but sold at a price affordable to the size of the pockets of students. The key, the source of WK, which is also still a second year student in the faculty at the UI campus, who requested anonymity, they must be very clever to find the first source of such products. There are times when the rest of the export or products with specific qualifications. There are also new merchandise with designs that have not been on the market. Is essentially exclusive.

Entrepreneurship has now penetrated to all students. Ranging from freshmen, to the final level. Business activities also vary, ranging from small to large capital capital, with a makeshift facility, or use a personal car as that of these children.

It seems there is now a new awareness that students can not only be asking for money to the parents, but may find themselves with money to run businesses. Of all of the learning process: learning to do business, learn to build courage.

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CP Prima Socialize Frozen Shrimp Products

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. PT Central Proteinaprima Tbk (CP Prima) disseminating processed shrimp products Frosh and Seafood Fiesta. Even before these products have been marketed for consumption abroad, now Frosh and Seafood Fiesta is expected to achieve substantial market in the country.

Head of Corporate Communication Department PT. Central Proteinaprima, Tbk George H. Basoeki accompanied Corpororate Communications Manager Julian Muhammad Riza said, the domestic shrimp consumption is constantly increasing. For that CP Prima target market is still wide open in the country through Fros shrimp products and Fiesta Seafood. Moreover, the product is claimed to have many advantages such as ensuring the freshness and quality of the shrimp aquaculture products and processes are maintained.

For a while, Frosh and new Fiesta Seafood can be obtained in several HCO (High Class Outlet) spread over major cities in Indonesia. With different specifications, Frosh has 3 types of categories of products namely Headless Shell On (shrimp without head), Peeled deveined (peeled shrimp), Cooked Tail On (prawns cooked with chicken). While the Fiesta Seafood has five variants, the Ebi Fry, Shrimp cutlet, roll Shrimp, Seafood Stix, and Shrimp nuggets.

Although these products are processed and packaged in Lampung, Frosh are not sold in Lampung. As for the fiesta Seafood is available at some mall in Bandar Lampung. “For while we were still market these products in the major cities. We will see the market response before., And in the near future will come in Lampung,” said George.

Furthermore, George said, to encourage the consumption of shrimp in Lampung, the institute will conduct seminars and socialization eat shrimp by holding Lampung Post as media partner. This activity is planned to take place in December.

As with many other export product line, CP Prima believes this new product released will get a positive response from consumers in Indonesia. It is also in line with the acceptance of a wide range of local and international accreditation given to the management of CP Prima shrimp farms and processing crops, such as ISO 9001:2000, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), British Retailers Consortium, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ACC (Aquaculture Certification Council) and GLOBALGAP as an important reference for agricultural practices that are good for the global market.

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‘SMEs’ crutch ‘DIY Economic Growth’

Sector Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are contributing to the economic growth in the province. This sector is a lot of job creation and poverty alleviation. They need to get capital support and facilitation in order to increase economic growth can DIY.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) DIY Nur Achmad Affandi said economic conditions remained stable at DIY. Passing of the Law Privileges DIY, will be a magnet to attract investment. Because the leadership of Sultan and Pakualam be set so that the elections did not exist.

“With titles like this will not be a lot of political policy changes, it is very attractive for investment,” said Nur Ahmad Affandi.

According to Nur Achmad, Gross Domestic Income (GDP) DIY only Rp46 trillion with a population of 3.4 million people. That is, the income per capita is only Rp15 million per year. Though small, yet life expectancy in the DIY index is higher than the national average. Even the amount of unemployment that is also very small.

“This is where SMEs have to be more empowered in order to per capita income could be increased. Hippi could play a greater role in boosting economic growth,” said the former member of parliament this DIY.

Chairman Yani center Motik Hippi said domestic production should be supported by government policy. Including the creation of the domestic product market and foreign restrictions. For many products such as herbs that hard to get in a foreign country. Though many Chinese medicines that dominate the domestic market.

“Local potential must be developed in order to grow a new economy,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Economic Administration and Local Government Natural Resources Retno Setijowati DIY, DIY claimed growth in the last 12 years is pretty good. It’s just that the dominance of investment is still a lot of sectors supported by foreign investment (PMA). While domestic investment (DCI), is still very limited.

The government, in fact has a lot to develop a partnership effort between the centers, and industrial and SMEs. Including ease in getting low interest to support investment climate. In fact a lot of these businesses are not skilled and familiar with banking.

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India Launches Research Forecast Rain

Understanding the rainfall is the main priority of government during the next five years,” said Shailesh Nayak, senior Ministry of Science.

INDIA launched a research project worth U.S. $ 75million (Rp703billion) by using computer models to predict more accurately the rain.
India washed down about 80% of annual rainfall during June to September. Lack of rainfall can cause drought and will be fatal to about 235 million Indian farmers.
Correspondents say this year’s rain can be said to be less.
“Understanding the rainfall is the main priority of government during the next five years,” said Shailesh Nayak, senior Ministry of Science.

He said “the mission of rain forecast” will be centered to understand more about the rainfall by using computer models used by Britain and the United States and to collect new data.
Estimates of rain is a complicated and ever done several times in India.

Difficulty of forecasting rain
Last year, India estimates that rainfall will be below average but it is happening is exceeded forecasts.
India Meteorological Agency (IMD) forecasts they admitted later that “not appropriate”.
In the history of 137 years, IMD was never able to predict exactly when a drought or flood.
Experts say scientists worldwide are also difficulties in estimating the country’s weather patterns.

The scientists said the IMD has worked hard to make forecasts of rainfall each year.
Rainfall observers Prof J Srinivasan of the Indian Institute of Science said that seasonal droughts and flooding forecasts are relatively accurate for the sub-Saharan Africa but there is no body in the world that can be estimated for the region of India.

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So Employers should never cheated

Being an entrepreneur takes mentally strong and never give up. Besides the creative spirit and determination is also required for those who want to start their business.

The majority of employers today is the younger generation because they are persistent and creative. In addition, young entrepreneurs are considered more resilient.

“Why seek it needs to start from the very young? Because young shock-resistant and young people are not able to sleep two days and two nights to pursue his ambition,”

A person is considered to have successfully become entrepreneurs because they never feel bankruptcy.

“Bankruptcy is a way to find out who the real businessman and entrepreneur who’s fake, because in fact if bankrupt businessman, he’ll bounce back. From the approximately 1,000 people who own a business and not bankrupt everything can bounce back, that’s natural selection where the employer what is not, ‘

A true entrepreneur is someone who never went bankrupt, but rose again and his business even bigger.

Besides being entrepreneurs have been cheated. If you are, the more resilient and keep thinking positive that it will not be a deceiving richer than us.