Ayopinter – Bimbel & English Course

Ayopinter – Bimbel & English Course offers franchise in partnership business opportunity type in Indonesia in Education Industry, especially in Bimbel and English Course Education.

Ayopinter Bimbel established in Jakarta. In a short time, with a certain number of students continue to step soared. AyoPinter open the service and the Home Course of tutoring for children in playgroup, kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, students, and General Public.

The amount of enthusiasm and confidence in the community with quality of Ayopinter makes us confident that Ayopinter is one of the promising business. The desire to continue to develop Ayopinter markets, Making the management team decided to open up cooperation of business opportunity to every education business enthusiasts.

Ayopinter Advantages
– A profitable education business that actually doesn’t have to be expensive
– Active and Creative Learning Methods
– System and concept of learning has been tested
– Curriculum aligned with school curriculum and graduation requirements UN
– Investment costs affordable
– Business prospects of education that continues to grow
– SOP as part of Quality Assurance in running the complete business
– BEP (Break Event Point) range from 5 months

Investment Packages
1. Standard Package
– Franchise Fee : Rp. 3.900.000
– Investment : Rp. 11.000.000
2. Silver Package
– Franchise Fee : Rp. 5.9 million
– Investment : Rp. 49 million
3. Platinum Package
– Franchise Fee : Rp. 25 million
– Investment : Rp. 130 million

Steps to Become Partners
– Fill the Candidate Partners Form
– Survey Candidate Partners
– Signing of Agreement
– Payment of Cooperation Fee
– Submission of Rules of Business Operations
– Employee Training
– Preparation of Outlet Opening


Guidance of learning of BiNus Center

BiNus Center already have many franchise outlets through out Indonesia. It was established as an education center to provide a permanent state-of-the-art knowledge and skill for society.

Note: Since 2009, In order to maintain image quality throughout Indonesia, Binus Center closes franchise opportunities for prospective franchisees who want to become partner. It is more because Binus Center is overwhelmed by the quality control that should be the same at every franchise outlet.

Why Franchise BiNus Center ?
1. BiNus experience
2. Brand Image
3. Work together with the whole BiNus group
4. Excellent Human Resource Training
5. Wide Networking
6. Stable Industry

What are BiNus Center Products

BiNus Center provides many training programs in the field of IT as well as non IT for all generations, such as :
1. Special Class
2. Authorized Training
3. Certified Professional Course
4. Short Course
5. Workshop
6. Language Program
7. Computer for Student
8. In – House Training
9. BiNus Center Education Partner
10. International Testing Center

What Do You Get from BiNus Center?
1. Copyright BiNus Center Brand
2. Business operation standard
3. Promotion Starter Kit
4. Operation Stater Kit
5. Management training for Owner and Staffs.
6. Initial staff training; marketing training, operational support training, academic support training.
7. Commercial Ad for Grand Opening
8. Audit Support (Twice a year)
9. Annual Meeting with all BiNus Center outlet

New Outlet Opening Procedure
1. Review our prospectus kit -> call (021) 5345830 ext 3211 to get a copy
2. Follow up meeting I -> Discussion about location proposed.
3. Site Visit From BiNus Center Head Office
4. Follow up meeting II -> Discuss more detail.
5. Submit proposal business plan
6. Analyze the business plan proposed by team BiNus Center and Yayasan Bina Nusantara
7. Agreement
8. Preparation opening outlet
9. Soft opening and Grand opening

Last But Not Least: BiNus Center ready to be partner for Your Success. Take the Opportunity to be Our Franchisee


Armina Mandiri

Armina Mandiri offers Franchise in Indonesia in Travel Industry, especially in Haji and Umroh Travel. Founded in 2007 by CV. Armina Mandiri, they already have many branches in some cities in Indonesia.

Armina Mandiri gives their customers good quality Travel for Haji and Umroh, they have some travel package on their products to choose. With initial investment of Rp. 25 Million , you can be their franchisee and open Travel Business.

Franchise Investment

Initial Franchise Investment : Rp. 25 Million
Franchise Fee : Rp. 1 Million / 1 year

If you interested to become their Franchisee, you can contact them for detailed information about the Franchise Package.


Event Organizer

Pernik offers Franchise opportunity in Indonesia in Service Industry, especially in event organizer. They provides many event organizer services in many formal or informal events.

An event planner / organizer is, quite simply, someone who organizes events. If you think an “event” can be something spectacular. Event organizers also on thousands of smaller events. Every time when people come together for a purpose, someone is needed to ensure the oversight of all the details to ensure the event happens, and that it is a success. The fact that “someone” could be! As an event planning, you can plan:

– Conferences
– Fairs and festivals
– Charity fundraisers
– Meetings
– Holiday parties
– Grand openings
– Birthdays
– Weddings
– Trade shows
– Political events
– Company socials
– Family reunions
– New product launches
– Children’s parties
– Or many other types of events

Franchise Investment : ~ Rp. 50 Million
Franchise Fee : ~ Rp. 25 Million


U.S. Car 168

U.S. Car 168 provides franchise  /business opportunity in Indonesia in Automotive Industry, Car Mini Market on Super Market. The uniqueness of this showroom is the only showroom in Indonesia are located in shopping centers (monopoly), there has been no similar competitors, operating hours showroom adjust Super Market open daily (09:00 to 21:00 WIB), with the target market supermarket visitors and neighborhood locations.

Platinum package is an investment package of AS Mobil 168 as a Car Mini Market (Auto Mini Market) located on the famous shopping center in the city of franchisee selection. Where management is carried out by U.S. Car Group with the result (profit sharing) of 30% : 70% by the Franchisee for 5 (five) years.

Franchise Package
Platinum Package : Rp. 182.000.000
– Franchise Fee for 5 years
– Rent per year Business Location
– Showroom (semi-permanent)
– Showroom equipment
– Training + Recruitment
– Starter Kit and Stationary Admin
– Media Campaign
Stock Car Unit
*) Minimum Investment 800 jt for the purchase of eight units of the car. Assuming per-unit 100 jt.

Profit Estimation
– Estimated Income : Rp. 66 Million
– Expenses : Rp. 10 Million
– Gross Profit / month : Rp. 56 Million
– Sharing Profit AS Mobil (30%) : Rp. 16.8 Million
– Net Profit : Rp. 39.2 Million
– BEP in 5-6 months
– Business Risk 30% from net profit (deviation) : Rp. 11.76 Million
– Net Profit with Business Risk (30%) : Rp. 27.44 Million
– BEP in 6-7 months


Zaza Salon Muslimah option Muslim Women

Zaza Salon Muslimah provides franchise business opportunity in Indonesia in Salon Industry. Zaza Salon Muslimah provide solutions for the needs of body treatment for women in general and Muslimah in particular which has been experiencing many difficulties to find the salon for woman who awoke privacy and comfort, then Zaza Salon Muslimah is the solution.

With SOPs that have been tested and proven profitable, Franchise Zaza Salon Muslimah makes you who want to have to make business in salon muslimah become so easy. Zaza Salon Muslimah gives opportunities to individuals or entities that wish to open Zaza Salon Muslimah with the terms and conditions apply.

General Conditions
– Spirited entrepreneur
– Have an interest and serious in the salon business
– Has sufficient funds for initial investment and operating reserve fund
– Willing to do business with full responsibility, enthusiasm and commitment
– Willing to run the system according to the rule

Special Conditions
– Pay a join fee of Rp. 25.000.000 (twenty five million rupiah)

With this fund partners will get :
– Training of employees and owners
– Manual SOP:
*SOP Salon Services
*SOP Employees (Recruitment, testing, salaries, permits, etc.)
*SOP outlets (hours of opening and closing, cleanliness of the salon)
*SOP Recording Transactions (memorandum and tickets)
*Customer Service SOP (SOP cream bath, body scrub SOP, etc.)
*SOP Order Raw Materials
– Form of administration and finance
– The right to use the brand ZAZA Salon Muslimah for 5 years
– Marketing Plan
– Software (service, absences, commissions, salaries, financial statements)

Royalty only 5% from Turnover. Total investment and its equipment, renovations, etc. only around Rp. 90 million.


Muslim Clothes & Clothing Muslimah

Muslim Fashion now already become a trend, especially in Indonesia. Franchise in this industry is now getting plentiful, so if you want to open business in muslim fashion sector you can try to become one of their franchisee or business partner.

Some of the franchises are :
– Franchise Syafira
– Franchise Hijab Rabbani
– Manet Muslim Clothing

Muslim Fashion is one of the Syar’i obligations of men or women in closing the ‘aurat’. Although this is an obligation, muslim fashion is not fixed with just one model. As long as follow Shari’a that is not strict and not transparent, then the Muslim can wear different types and models of the Muslim fashion.

Flexibility and choice of Muslim fashion models provide a space for the Muslim to be creative in the mix and match a variety of fashions. Moreover, the current fashion trend of growing Muslim fashion and more and more Muslim women are veiled and wearing Muslim fashion So the more the Muslim fashion producers who market their business.

So if you want to open business in Muslim Fashion, you can start your own business or if you’re lack of experience you can become one of the franchisee and become their business partner.


Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar by Martha Tilaar Group

Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar Provides Franchise in Indonesia at Beauty Shop Industry, Salon, and Spa. You can open new business with them, they provides some franchise options for the franchisee.

They founded at May 1995 under the company of Martha Tilaar Group, PT. Martha Beauty Gallery. The purpose is for marketing public relation from their products, to collect information from customers to develop and improve their products. And beginning at year of 1999, the management was given to PT. Tiara Permata Sari.

Now they already have many Beauty Salon branches in many cities around Indonesia. They provides good quality services to their customers. Please contact the franchise department for the detailed information about the franchise opportunities.

Address : Jl. Pulo Kambing II/1, Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung, Jakarta 13930

Estimated Investment : Rp. 100 – 250 Million


Lifespa Fitness and Spa

Lifespa Fitness provides franchise business opportunity in fitness and spa industry. Lifespa Fitness has been operating fitness centers in Indonesia since 1986 and now already has several fitness centers around Indonesia.

Spa Services
1. Lifespa Fitness Body Care
– Aromatherapy Massage (50 minutes)
– Javanese Lulur (100 minutes)
– Body Mask (110 minutes)
– Full Body Care (120 minutes)

2. Lifespa Fitness Massage Therapies
– Head & Shoulder Massage (25 minutes)
– Reflexology Massage (1 hour)

3. Lifespa Fitness Skin & Beauty Care
– Waxing (15 minutes – 1 hour)
– Manicure/Pedicure (1 hour 50 minutes)
– Foot Care (1 hour)
– Facials
– Hair & Beauty Salon

Fitness Classes
– Body Conditioning
– Triple ‘S’
– Power Stretch
– Aeroflex
– Step Conditioning
– Strength & Stretch
– Walkout
– Cardio Kickbox
– Afternoon Shape-Up
– Step Aerobics
– and many others

If you’re interested to open business in fitness and spa industry. You can contact them for the detailed information about the business opportunity.

Estimated Investment : Above Rp. 1 Billion

Entrepreneurs Franchises

Rudi Hadisuwarno the maestro

Rudy Hadisuwarno is a Franchise in Indonesia, specialized in Salon Industry. They have some franchise plans for people who want to open business with them.

Rudi Hadisuwarno is one of the most trusted names in the Indonesian Lounge, although most people consider the brand rather than an academy or hair salon products as a beauty salon, and young people think that the brand “ripe” for them. The line of Rudy Hadisuwarno salons, such as Johnny Andrean salons, could be found in almost every part of Jakarta and offers a secure way for a regular haircut.

Although the teenager with the opinion of the brand, which actually opened Rudy Hadisuwarno different lines for different customers, the Hadisuwarno Salon, available at Le Meridien Hotel Plaza and Indonesia, aims to exclusive and mature, Salon Rudy available at the mall and Depok Karawaci, is for friendly and family-like, the Brown lounge, available at Blok M Plaza and Citraland Mall, is aimed at young people and Kiddy cuts will be for children of course.

Address : Jl. Puri Pesanggrahan IV/NR 7 Cinere, Jakarta 16514

Estimated Investment : Rp. 500 – 1000 Million