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Job Opportunities Available After Financial Training and Accountancy Training

Adequate financial and accountancy training will open up many job opportunities to students all over the world. The kind of jobs that you can get if you train yourself in these fields will be lucrative and satisfying. You can get the opportunity to work in banks, agencies, financial institutions and many other types of businesses or organizations. The kind of job opportunities available will depend on the level of training you obtain. For example, you can get entry-level positions in finance and accounting after getting a certificate. For more advanced levels of employment, you can get training that will lead to bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in finance and accounting. The jobs that you can get after these training programs include the following.

• You can become a personal financial adviser. This is one of the career fields experiencing the fastest growth. Statistics predict that there will be a thirty-seven percent increase in personal financing jobs from now until the year 2016. To get the best opportunity in this role, you should consider obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance.

• You can become a certified public accountant after accountancy training. Accounting jobs are always in demand and most of them require that students get a bachelor’s degree at least. The corporate world offers the most accounting jobs because government regulations require the strict reporting of financial figures that are important in tax collection and returns. Accounting is necessary for the success of all businesses for it enables them to know the profit or loss that the business has made, how much to pay employees in terms of salaries, wages and benefits and other essential calculations.


• The other job that you can hold after financial and accountancy training is auditing. You will need to get two to four years of training in auditing and this will open job opportunities with government agencies and companies.

• You can become stockbroker and trader on behalf of clients because you will be knowledgeable about investing in various financial products.

• The other position you can get is a corporate treasurer where you can be in charge of maintaining or improving the finances of the company that will employ you.

• You can also become an investment banker after financial and accountancy training. Investment bankers work as financiers for companies, government agencies and many other institutions.

• This training also gives you the opportunity to become a commodity broker where you will have the necessary knowledge to help you assist clients in selling and buying physical commodities.

• Financial and accountancy training will also enable you to do investment analysis. This involves performing research to gather information necessary for knowing the investment opportunities available to investors.

• You can become an investment fund manager by giving your clients the information that will help them make good decisions on where to make investments.

• You can also put up your own accounting and financial services firm after acquiring enough experience in these fields.

You have a large option of jobs to take after completing financial training and accountancy training. However, to get the best professional job in these fields, you will have to compete with many other graduates with degrees in finance and accounting. It is advisable that you look for the jobs that you can get with your qualifications and then find ways to advance your career gradually.

Products Business

Business Students in Free Land

Business can indeed anywhere, not least in the car park at the University of Indonesia. Some UI students, using his personal car for business outlets. Products that sell diverse, ranging from trousers, shirt, t-shirts and other fashion. Usually they are with their friends make a pact with each other or the first contact. Sometimes there are other students who are passing or being in that location, and are interested in buying products that simply displayed in the trunk of the car.

Generally, the products sold are branded fashion and have a good quality, but sold at a price affordable to the size of the pockets of students. The key, the source of WK, which is also still a second year student in the faculty at the UI campus, who requested anonymity, they must be very clever to find the first source of such products. There are times when the rest of the export or products with specific qualifications. There are also new merchandise with designs that have not been on the market. Is essentially exclusive.

Entrepreneurship has now penetrated to all students. Ranging from freshmen, to the final level. Business activities also vary, ranging from small to large capital capital, with a makeshift facility, or use a personal car as that of these children.

It seems there is now a new awareness that students can not only be asking for money to the parents, but may find themselves with money to run businesses. Of all of the learning process: learning to do business, learn to build courage.

Finance Services

Origins of Banking Activities

History records the origin of banking activities is unknown at the time of the kingdom of the past in Europe. Then the banking business has grown to West Asia by traders. Banking development in Asia, Africa and the Americas]] brought by the Europeans at the time of colonization to the colonies in Asia, Africa and the Americas. If we trace the history of banking familiar starting currency exchange services. Thus, in the history of banking, meaning the bank is known as the money changers tables. In the course of the past history of the kingdom of the money changers may be made between the royal kingdom circuitry another one. Exchange activity is now known as the Foreign Exchange Dealer (Money Changer). Then in the subsequent development, banking operations evolve again into daycare money or the so-called current deposit activity. Next banking activities increased the activity of borrowing money. Cash held by the public, by the banks loaned back to the society needs. The services of other banks followed suit with the times and the needs of an increasingly diverse society.

History of Banking in Indonesia

History of banking in Indonesia is inseparable from the colonial Dutch East Indies. At that time there were few banks that plays an important role in the Dutch East Indies. The banks that exist include:

De Javasce NV.
De Post Poar Bank.
De Algemenevolks Crediet Bank.
Handles Maatscappi Nederland (NHM).
Handles Nationale Bank (NHB).
De Escompto Bank NV.

In addition, there are also banks owned by Indonesia and foreigners such as China, Japan, and Europe. These banks include:

National Bank Indonesia.
Gray Merchant Bank.
Boemi Bank NV.
The Chartered Bank of India.
The Yokohama Species Bank.
The Bank Matsui.
The Bank of China.
Batavia Bank.

At the time of independence, the Indonesian banking growing and developing further. Some Dutch banks nationalized by the government of Indonesia. The banks that exist in the early days of independence, among others:

Bank Negara Indonesia, established on July 5, 1946 which is now known as the BNI ’46.
Bank Rakyat Indonesia, which was established on February 22, 1946. The bank originated dar De Algemenevolks Crediet Bank or Syomin Ginko.
Bank Surakarta Prosperous Justice Airlines (MAI) in 1945 in Solo.
Bank Indonesia in Palembang in 1946.
Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia in 1946 in Medan.
Indonesian Banking Corporation in 1947 in Yogyakarta, and then became Bank Amrita.
Bank NV Manado Sulawesi in 1946.
Indonesian Trade Bank NV in Dublin in 1950 was merged with the Pacific Bank.
Eastern Bank NV in Semarang renamed Bank enjoy doing. Then the merger with Bank Central Asia (BCA) 1949.

In Indonesia, the banking practice has spread to remote rural areas. Financial institutions such as banks in Indonesia shaped Banks, Rural Banks, Commercial Bank of Sharia, and Sharia Rural Banks.

Each bank institution are different characteristics and functions.


Entrepreneur: Creativity Never Stop

“If you dare to be different, it means you have the entrepreneurial spirit”

Excerpt above, it is possible, inviting smile underestimated. Period, different course, to characterize the entrepreneurial spirit. The sentence was excessive. Reader, entrepreneur himself is a unique world. That is why the entrepreneur or the entrepreneur is required to always be creative all the time. With his creativity, it is impossible not be proven that he really has a stunning self-image of many people. Therefore, he deserves to be admired, and then followed.

Being a creative entrepreneur in the current economic crisis, of course, a daunting challenge. Anyone who tried to jump into the creative entrepreneur, he has to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It remains to be executed at least for a period of around two years first. A new round of heavy fighting endlessly with various physical and psychological pressure.

Modern business? Especially! He may say, impossible to exist and thrive without the ability to create something new every day. Think creatively every day. From whence it came? From anywhere, from anyone. Your social interactions, a stimulant emergence of innovative ideas. Indeed, it is not easy to give birth to something entirely new or original. It could be, it is a combination of “new twist” in the works that already exist. Impression, accentuate the design, modification, is part of the creative process.
Whose was this ability? Is this just a private possessed certain? Firm, we state: no. Basically, we are all creative. Of course, the quality and quantity vary.

Creative ability that is almost universally distributed to all the people on this earth. Creativity, like a spring, do not let the source dries up. To keep it watered, dig continues, that “the springs of creativity” we are still runny.

Small Business

Tips to Protect your small business

It’s not easy to grow and protect a small company. Most face one of the biggest obstacles when they try to break out of the 9-5 grind a day.

Your small business success depends on how you work with different approaches to maximize profits. Each part of your company deserves attention, from employee training to marketing.

Rapid development does not happen immediately, so you need to take a few steps to keep your small business running. Time and effort are required. Here are some tips for protecting and growing your small business nowadays.


Understand Your Customers

You can only produce goods and services that are highly competitive if you take account of your customers’ needs and prospects. Research and surveys are one way of knowing precisely what the customers want. One of the famous sites where you can get reviews on what customers want is CollectedReviews.

It would help if you invited them to give honest and even brutal reviews all the time. Check-ups are the perfect way to get customers’ opinions. It encourages the production of goods and services that meet existing market requirements. Besides, this allows you to understand where you need to develop your business.

Improve Customer service

Suppose you do not have quality customer service. In that case, even if you have an outstanding product or service, it will not be easy to please your customers. This part of the company includes making them feel unique.

Make sure you deal with them immediately if they have issues. Take time to give them a response to any question they asked. Social networking is an ideal way of listening to clients. They will also suggest to others that they buy from your company if they find the customer service satisfactory.

Establish loyalty

It takes time to persuade clients to purchase what they have to sell. However, it isn’t sufficient to buy them. It would help if you cultivated loyalty. Provided that other rivals might better give you, you want them to stay loyal to you. Only because you already have loyal clients don’t feel relaxed. Give incentives for loyalty. Let the most loyal customers know if there are discounts and promotions. You have to make confident that the customers are respected.

Social Media Maximization

Social media is undoubtedly a potent tool. It reaches hundreds and thousands at a time. Make sure your company has social media involvement. It helps you to remain pertinent. Hearing people and reading their comments will give you a feeling of satisfaction. You will also understand their conduct and find a way of responding to their demands. The best thing is that you won’t spend much money to attract new clients. However, you don’t have to engage in war on a comment. Just keep it positive and feel it’s listened to by everyone.

Attend Networking Events

Take the opportunity to take part in these events. You can expand your networks in this way. You have to establish relations with others.

Networking is an excellent way of connecting people to help you develop your business. Identification of employees, more clients, and even investors are some of the importance attached to it.

Focus on Professional Development

Building an effective team will ensure that your business succeeds. One of the best ways to inspire hard-working workers is to assign them meaning. They shouldn’t just feel like living for themselves.

Anything greater than yourself you like. You have to comprehend the more significant priorities. Branding comes in here. Many people misbelieve that branding attracts customers. Yet even a strong brand will help you attract quality employees to your company.

They also need to know the employees notice them. Team building work can help them function as well as individual workers and work together. You can also submit them to training sessions and workshops to develop their existing knowledge base.

Protect your business with Insurance

All firms should be protected by liability insurance. Often to ensure a company is safeguarded in case the client or customer suspects the owner or fails to comply with a contract, practitioners should consider obtaining errors and omissions insurance (E&O). You can learn more about Insurance to protect your small business by checking Lemonade reviews.

You may also apply liability security to the contracts in addition to purchases of Insurance. Suppose you cannot satisfy a deal (thus putting you before the law) by an act of nature, by a particular supplier, or by some other uncontrollable action. In that case, you should provide in the contract that you are not responsible for these factors’ unfinished work. You will reduce the need for a lawyer in your company afterward by negotiating the potential conditions and legal sentences you will have in your contracts with your solicitor.

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School Management: Top Three Education Staff Services To Have

All businesses depend heavily on the expertise and work ethic of its staff so as to develop and succeed. Schools and any other academic organization, are not exempt with this trust. Hiring the ideal instructors, administrators, directors, as well as other necessary staff is simply part of achieving this trust. Other elements come up, each of which can be properly managed by an expert staff management firm that specialises in the education sector.

There are a number of various education personnel services that schools can utilize to their advantage. For small or start-up academic centres, it’s important to focus on the ones that make the most convenience and present the most ideal outcomes not having paying the prohibitive charges. Here are top three staff assistance to take into account.

Recruitment assistance or support. Employing new workers is a time consuming and costly process. This is particularly so for schools as academic institutions have to apply a stringent process. From strict compliance to comprehensive requirements to thorough interviews, the recruitment procedure of every school needs to check applicants for suitability. Furthermore, the school has to make certain that they are satisfying the state’s standards. An education personnel firm can do systematic and meticulous application screenings, they can arrange employment contracts, and they can run Court Records Bureau checks. All of which should unburden schools with the job of recruitment and provide them with the suitable employees.

Professional education HR services. When the new head teachers, curriculum directors, or administrators are already employed, academic institutions will require assistance in either formulating their human resources guidelines or implementing those guidelines. The policies will deal with a number of HR issues. These problems may consist of early retirement, redundancies, employees audits, absence management, job evaluations, and compensation terms. An education management provider will be able to provide consultation services that make it simple for every school to manage its personnel, in every given circumstance. The service needs to be tailored in accordance with the requirements of the academic institution, from consultancy on all concerns of recruiting issues to assist on certain things like employees audits.

Training on academy economic management. An education management provider will have the staff and the knowledge to do on-site economic training for head teachers, school business managers, or principals on issues essential to running every school. These training options may consist of academy financial administration, finances creation, variance evaluation and report requirements, school financial consciousness for head teachers, governor financial committee training on a number of financial topics, and many other financial coaching options.

It’s difficult running a school. But with professional support in key areas, school management will be not as much complicated. With the help of education management professionals, regardless if they are delivering education finance services or personnel assistance, every educational institution can grow and prosper.


Workshop AHASS – Astra Honda Motor

Workshop AHASS (Astra Honda Authorized Service Station) offers Business Opportunity (not Franchise) in Indonesia in Motorcycle Industry, especially in Service Station. Under Supervision of Main Dealer Astra Honda Motor. If you want to open AHASS business, you can contact the local Main Dealer.

If you interested to open business with them, you can request to the local Main Dealer with the information of your location, your building’s photo, and your service station photo (if you already have).

Requirements to open AHASS:
– Have Good Location
– Have Good Investment
– Have Good Human Resources
– Have Strong Will to open Service Station
– Interior, Exterior, tools, and management decided by PT Astra Honda Motor

For Main Dealer Informations :
– Jakarta-Tangerang : PT. Wahana Makmur Sejati,
– Bandung (West Java) : PT. Daya Adira Mustika,
– Lampung : PT. Tunas Dwipa Matra,
– Medan : CV. Indako Trading,
– Surabaya-Malang (East Java) : PT. Mitra Pinastika Mustika,

You can also contact :
YDBA : 021-3865831
Honda Sales Operation : 021-65310250

So, if you want to open service station business, you can contact them for the detailed information about the business opportunity.

Small Business

How to Market Your Small Business Using SWOT Analysis

Many small business owners need hеlр whеn іt comes tο marketing thеіr small business. One οf thе tools thаt small business owners саn borrow frοm frοm marketing gurus іѕ called SWOT analysis. SWOT іѕ a grеаt way tο bеgіn tο figure out hοw tο market уουr small business.

Briefly, SWOT stands fοr Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities аnd Threats. Strengths аnd weaknesses аrе considered internal aspects. Both οf thеѕе refer tο things thаt уου hаνе complete control over іn уουr small business. Opportunities аnd Threats аrе both external factors. Thеу involve things thаt саn greatly impact hοw уου market уουr small business bυt уου don’t hаνе control over thеm.


Thе way tο thіnk аbουt strengths іѕ tο fіnіѕh thе statement; “I believe ουr bіggеѕt internal strengths аrе…”. Strengths аrе nοt јυѕt core competencies. In order tο leverage strengths fοr marketing уουr small business thеу ѕhουld bе a unique οr particular advantage thаt уουr small business hаѕ vs. уουr competition.

Aѕ уου mіght anticipate, weaknesses ѕhουld bе explored wіth thе following concept; “I believe ουr bіggеr internal weaknesses аrе…”. Weaknesses аrе nοt јυѕt things thаt уου don’t thіnk уου dο well. In terms οf marketing уουr small business, weaknesses аrе internal factors thаt уουr competition сουld exploit f thеу knew аbουt thеm.

Opportunities саn bе dеѕсrіbеd wіth thе following; “I believe ουr bіggеѕt external opportunities аrе…”. Bу definition, opportunities thаt уου see fοr marketing уουr small business mυѕt match ѕοmе οf уουr strengths. If thе opportunities don’t align wіth уουr strengths thеn іtѕ nοt a real opportunity fοr consideration іn SWOT analysis. It mау bе a real market opportunity bυt іf іt doesn’t align wіth уουr small business strengths thеn іtѕ nοt a real opportunity fοr уου.

Finally, уου need tο bе wary οf threats. Threats аrе explored wіth thе statement; “I thіnk ουr bіggеѕt external threats аrе…” Threats аrе typically a combination οf a weakness thаt уου hаνе combined wіth thе strength οf a competitor. Thіѕ іѕ particularly trυе іf thаt competitor’s strength іѕ aligned wіth a real market opportunity. It іѕ critical tο try аnd minimize threats whеn marketing уουr small business.

Tο successfully market уουr small business уου mυѕt understand уουr strengths, weaknesses, opportunities аnd threats. It іѕ аlѕο іmрοrtаnt tο understand hοw thеу relate tο each οthеr. Strengths саn lead tο opportunities іf thеу аrе aligned correctly. On thе οthеr hand weaknesses саn expose уου tο threats. Hοwеνеr, strengths don’t necessarily lead tο opportunities аnd weaknesses don’t always lead tο threats. Try аnd see hοw thеѕе market forces align fοr уουr small business.


Professional Financial Investment Advisor – Why Didn’t You Sell Me a Fixed Annuity Income?

A professional financial investment advisor sounds like a great title. Yet few “professional financial advisors” seek the right people to sell a fixed annuity income investment. To sell a fixed annuity income plan to an already qualified prospect is easy.

You did not ask me. Your guideline statistics ruled me out as being a fixed annuity income plan Your assumptions got you into trouble as you had no competition where spreadsheets and company comparison analysis was needed. You would not have had to fight off any objections to making a decision. You cannot have a sales opportunity when you do not know how to spot one. After all this, can you still call yourself a qualified professional financial investment advisor?

Your first wrong assumption   When you decided or were directed by your sales manager to sell financially related products, you were told the style of people not to waste your time on. Almost all true advisors to investors, along with agency crowned financial representatives are headquartered in the more prosperous suburbs of large metropolitan areas. This way the rep is in close proximity to where their key clients work and live.

WRONG   Pounding out freezer burned cold calls and mailers could provide a steady stream of willing investors with sizable assets. However, representative after representative is virtually knocking down their doors. Did ever think that the more unique businesses owners can choose to operate out of any location in the United States. To get away from the concrete jungle, their business is easily located in a smaller town, and still easily accessible. As their business location avoids rush hour traffic, likewise the home is also in a less populated zip code. You want to go by the teachings of your predecessors so you avoid prospects in more remote as they do not appear to fit the mode.


Your second wrong assumption    As an advisor selling financial investments you want to work exclusively with executives, and business owners of a certain asset level. A list broker gets instructions by you to target zip codes where the average income is over $100,000, the house worth more than $500,000 and personal liquid assets a similar amount. Zip codes can be very deceiving for giving pinpointed fixed income information. Averages can be misleading, as a $50,000 income and a $200,000 income average out to be $100,000. There could be a large number of manufactured home communities with residents averaging $25,000 income hiding higher earning individuals. You might be wrong that using zip code selection is a good fixed annuity income strategy.

Your third wrong assumption   You receive purchase a guide or lists showing the highest income workers in an area. Attorneys, physicians, and physical store owners would be among the top prospects listed. It is natural to assume that not anyone not on your occupational list or wealthy senior over 65 is worth pursuing. The non-workers as they must be bums, stuck in the middle class, or sliders on other people’s income. What about people that are social security disabled or who inherited money? You completely ignore that possibilities exist.

I failed all your assumptions – I do not live or work in a large affluent metropolitan suburb. My zip code contains a few manufactured homes, many hometown USA houses, along with an abundance of beautiful lakefront small lake homes. Since I am on Social Security Disability, my income puts me in a lower bracket.

How you could have wisely spotted me   My homestead is on 55 acres in a zip code of lots averaging a half to full acre. From the county office, you could have located me on a plat mat by acreage. Likewise, the tax rolls would show the excessive homestead taxes that I paid. You could have spotted dividends earned on mutual funds, when I formerly had twice as much value in them. From an internet search, you would have discovered that I own more than one piece of property. You could have checked for Corvette owners and found that I own a few.

These are all simple clues, which a flood of professional financial investment advisors could not figure out. Before the economic downturn, if even one had figured this out, he or she would have made a worthwhile fixed annuity income sale. Here is another underground method to finding overlooked leads. Look at the newspaper obituaries posted where services take place at upscale funeral facilities. This is digging, not grave digging. Right there are a listed supply of names and cities of people who may come into inheritances, or be soon changing their lifestyles.

Remember that to make money in insurance or as a financial investment advisor, adapt to conducting business in a different manner than everyone else.

Small Business

Bottled Water and Government Small Business Set Asides – A Marketing Opportunity

Thе Federal Government аnd many State аnd Local Government agencies offer a valuable contract preference tο bottled water companies whο qualify аѕ small businesses.

Thіѕ preference grew out οf thе desire οf thе Federal Government tο hеlр small businesses capture government contracts fοr drinking water аnd thе small business preference fοr bottled water companies саn bе very relevant аnd very valuable.

Thе home аnd office bottled water delivery business іѕ dominated bу two large companies аnd one іѕ foreign owned whісh gives small American companies аn additional advantage. Thе first large bottled water company іѕ Nestle, a Swiss company, thаt bottles аnd markets water under many brand names lіkе Deer Park, Poland Springs аnd Arrow Head аmοng others.


Thе second company іѕ DS Waters, a large business owned bу thе investment firm Kelso & Co. thаt markets under many brand names including Crystal Springs аnd Sparkletts.

Nеіthеr Nestle nοr DS Waters qualify аѕ small businesses.

It іѕ a fact thаt, іn thе government purchasing world, agencies prefer American companies thаt qualify аѕ small businesses.

Thе small business preference means thаt, іf аn opportunity іѕ designated a small business set aside, οnlу small businesses саn bid аnd win government contracts. Even though large companies аrе extremely aggressive аnd οftеn predatory іn thеіr pricing, thеу аrе legally precluded frοm bidding οn small business set aside contracts. Thіѕ іѕ gοοd business fοr small bottled water companies.

Approximately 25% οf аll Federal government opportunities аrе set aside fοr small business. Remember thіѕ іѕ 25% οf thе total business аnd specific industries lіkе bottled water mау bе higher. State аnd local set asides аrе аlѕο a large percentage οf total business.

Thе small business preference іѕ especially valuable fοr water manufactures bесаυѕе thе Federal small business rules classify a water manufacturer аѕ a small business аѕ having less thаn 500 employees. Both Nestle аnd DS Waters hаνе more thаn 500 employees.

Therefore іf уου аrе a water manufacturer wіth less thаn 500 employees уου саn bid аnd win Federal, State аnd Local contracts.

In addition, ѕіnсе water іѕ heavy аnd distribution costs аrе a large раrt οf thе price tο thе customer, a small business water manufacturer hаѕ a natural advantage іn capturing business іf thеу аrе located near government offices οr installations. Of course, government marketing іѕ different frοm thе standard rules οf commercial marketing bυt Federal, State аnd Local procurement regulations аrе well documented аnd establish a level playing field fοr аll bidders.

Sο, іf уουr company іѕ a small manufacturer, уου ѕhουld pursue government business аt аll levels. It іѕ profitable аnd thе best раrt іѕ thаt уου don’t hаνе tο compete wіth Nestlé οr DS Waters!