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widespread positive sentiment, the rupiah remains weak

Rupiah fell back against the United States dollar (U.S.). U.S. unemployment data release that exceeds expectations, it appears that the U.S. dollar has not escalate.

Middle rate of the rupiah weakened Bloomberg notes are at Rp9.595 per USD, down 11 points, with daily movements in the Rp9.564-Rp9.615 per USD. Meanwhile, Bank Indonesia (BI), noted rupiah weakened to Rp9.590 per USD, with the trading range Rp9.542-Rp9.638 per USD.

“SUN auction results yesterday pretty well, won Rp 7, 5 trillion from the initial target of Rp 5 trillion has not yet been able to withstand the pressure of dollars of U.S. dollars,”

In fact, September foreign exchange reserves recorded an increase to USD110, 172 billion, from its previous position of USD108, 990 billion, up $ 1, 182 billion. Among the additional income derived from the influx of foreign funds into rupiah assets such as government securities and stocks.

Securities analyst Samuel Lana Soelistianingsih reveal more positive sentiment comes from the European Central Bank step (ECB) have expressed readiness to buy government bonds. The mechanism of these purchases remain within the framework of the European bailout fund (European Stability Mechanism-ESM).

Countries requiring OMT must submit a formal request to the ESM to buy government bonds in the primary market are next, before the ECB to buy bonds in the secondary market. But to obtain these funds, the country needs to meet certain requirements.