Marketing Strategies

Stopping Power: Advertising Tong Fang and Zakat

“I used to forget to tithe. Following Fang Tong went to the clinic, I was so diligently tithe. Clinic Thanks Tong Fang.” Maybe it’s a play that is suitable for linking my topic this time is about advertising Clinic Tong Fang with advertisements tithe are scattered throughout the month of Ramadan.

The phenomenon of Tong Fang as a trending topic on Twitter is drawing attention of the masses. Here proved that the virus word of mouth can work well when the topic is interesting to have stopping power. Good first impression was powerful.

If an advertisement, whether online or offline, do not attract attention in a matter of seconds, he can be said to fail. How many ads we see per day? From start TV advertising, outdoor media advertising, to advertising on social media. Thousands of them. How can we remember? Having the right advertising needed to get out of the crowd.

Ads should be designed to attract attention, with the original idea, out of the box, if it needs to be funny. Of course, still in the corridor carrying the brand message. That is very important in the beginning is the power of stopping power. At least, if there is a pause and watch the ads, then it’s no “wow factor” of his. Clinical testimonial-style ad Tong Fang is not new actually. Testimonials have been used since decades ago.

Remember the Toyota ad? Testimonials about how much charge is in the vehicle, which then also raises the ad parody parody version. Parody is not always painful. Sometimes even funnier than the original ad that makes the message more memorable brand.

Orange Oreo ad parody in the form of comic books starring a little star Afika quite funny and had the strength to actually lift products Oreo Orange became known, not negatively. Although it is important to pack the brand message as creatively as possible, there should be a limit. Some brands just too far. Which initially may be perceived as stopping power, it backfired of its own brand image.

Clinical Tong Fang has become the butt of social media, is an example of an ad that attracts attention, but later due to excessive testimony, backfired. Testimony was in the beginning is stopping power of Ad Tong Fang. Imagine, all kinds of diseases can be cured after treatment at the clinic!

Do not forget that not all TV viewers an audience Clinic Tong Fang who incidentally is an alternative treatment, which may have been tired seeing everywhere and did not recover as well. For the audience who happened to be educated and healthy, this is a statement that is misleading hyperbole. Incessant pun posting on Twitter a spill guts uncomfortable feeling when watching the ad.

What about charity advertising? Of the many outstanding advertising charity this year, I was struck by a very large advertising billboards in the Quarter Rubber. It’s the sound of the message: “want a richer and blessing? Never forget to pay zakat often infaq”. This message was delivered by BAZIS administration. These ads have high stopping power, in the midst of another charity ad. Creative team needs thumbs up for the creativity.

In the midst of a charity advert average reads: (1) The beauty of tithe and sharing, (2) His Hands full, continue to provide day and night, (3) the Zakat, Do not worry, be happy, etc. … An ad promoting direct benefit tithe is a breakthrough.

Audience is always attracted to the “What’s in it for me? (WIIFM)”. Stopping power like this that I think have a high strength but out of the corridors of merit.

In my opinion, tithing is a secular activity with non-temporal output, which is an intangible reward from Allah SWT. Linking worldly benefit in advertisements tithe is to promote the desire for rich indeed bothering conscience.

Worldly benefits should not be stopping power for a commercial solicitation tithe. Style of advertising is no different than ad Tong Fang. That explores the direct benefits: “If seeing a Clinic Tong Fang, then all diseases cured? If tithe and infaq, it will be a get rich quick”.

While in the sentence is added to get rich quick words and blessings, nonetheless, in terms of appropriateness to the theme of earthly advertise for non-worldly is not appropriate. At the time of designing communication messages, must be seen first situation faced by brand or category of products / services advertised.

The current constraints that the amount of zakat collected by the Institute of Amil Zakat (LAZ) is still low, not because of low awareness charity. Consulting ETNOMARK been doing research about it and earn the finding that the issue is the level of trust to distribute alms to the LAZ are still low.

In a credibility issue and not an issue of awareness tithe, LAZ should be the motor for BAZIS Establishments perception changes. The ads about charity in the month of Ramadan should be designed to erode distribute zakat through LAZ doubt.

Explain what are the benefits for the audience. Stopping power is to be creative and touching benefits for the audience. “Want to haves” and “charity” does not match. To look for other more stopping power relevant.