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Blue Water Depot

Drinking water, remains a staple of every person, anytime, anywhere. Because the drinking water business still excited, still the prospect, especially if the ground water quality and hygiene in the area contaminated and low quality.

Blue Water depot Yantje founded in 2002, is part of efforts to provide safe drinking water and the best quality, low cost. A business concept of drinking water refill depot (DAMIU) are different from existing ones over the years.

100 Percent Ozone Technology

Where the difference Depo Drinking Water (DAM) Blue with depo-water refill depot the other? The difference apparently lies in the technology used. In the DAM using 100 percent blue ozone technology for drinking water production process generated.

Ozone is an industry standard technology used by companies in Package Drinking Water (bottled water) so that the water consumed has the proper requirements needed, such as rich in oxygen which is evident in the presence of grains in a gallon bottle of oxygen. Freshness of blue water level would be more secure because of the sale immediately after the production process is completed.

Blue water is available at prices ranging from one-third of the price of bottled drinking water. With such a high market demand and strong (demand driven) which is the main requirement is routine and the price is very affordable and high quality.

Blue water business growth from year to year increase. Currently Blue outlets reached 37 outlets. Blue water business profits are able to achieve gross margins of more than 65% with the achievement of break event point is relatively easily achieved and the power of cash of more than 9 million dollars per month.

Yantje seriousness was not in vain. Hard work and perseverance can produce 2 by MURI awards in the year 2007. The first award given for achievements Blue MURI as the first DAM in franchise nationally. The second award is a franchise business that DAM’s first use of 100 percent ozone technology for drinking water production process.