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Similar than different

The various products offered to consumers are all the same, in terms of both function and appearance, all the same. That phrase from Philip Kotler, one professor of marketing in the world.

How a brand can be recognized as a whole and be able to build a strong emotional bond with consumers, is a large and very important question to answer. Seeing a market full of competition where each product with different functions together mimic each other, let alone the things we can offer to attract attention and amaze consumers?

How a brand can appear as the first choice of many competitor brands in the minds of consumers? One of the answers of the above questions is a sensory branding, the branding process that touches consumers through the five senses that humans have.

Through sensory branding, a brand has more value that can transform a commodity product that had become a very strong brand, which can stand alone as a whole compared to competitors’ products.

Competence of sensory branding is understanding the importance of a brand can build a deeper and more sensitive, that is through the senses and emotions. Branding is done by Singapore Airlines is also similar to other airlines, through visual and graphics such as logos and color consistent. On the other hand, Singapore Airlines began lifting consumers experience higher than other airlines.

They greet you with a friendly and always well dressed. They provide a warm towel to the passengers while waiting for the plane getting ready to fly. The whole flight attendants also use the same perfume, Stefan Floridian Waters, a perfume that has been patented and must be used by all cabin crew of Singapore Airlines.

Similar (aviation services) but not identical (all given stimulus is very different than other airlines). Do you remember the scent of BreadTalk bakery? Every time you log bakery, you do not just see so much bread on display in front of your eyes. You also smell the fragrance of fresh-baked bread. The fragrance is not from the bread you see, but it comes from the air freshener that is placed in the store. That sensory branding.

You will always remember that BreadTalk bakery is one that is very fragrant and through the stimulus, also provoked emotions through the sense of smell, which in turn could encourage you to buy the bread. Similar to (sell bread) but not the same (given BreadTalk experience than other bakeries).

Challenges in conducting sensory branding is to imagine a broader and more detailed on how a person interacts and accept new experiences with your brand, and also applying existing ideas to strengthen the emotional side at every interaction.

When communication and visual identity are generally only touch the senses of sight and hearing, the entire stimulus can be enhanced by integrating the three other senses that it sends a stronger emotional message to the consumer and multi-applications all point interactions. The product you are offering is similar, but not identical experiences with other products.

Marketing Strategies

Fed allowed Bank of America Merrill Lynch Master

WASHINGTON – Bank of the United States (the Federal Reserve) gave formal approval to Bank of America to acquire Merrill Lynch, the Wall Street icon battered by the credit crisis.

Acquisition of shares worth $ 50 billion previously announced in September, along with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

The Fed expressed very cautious in considering the acquisition proposal, and finally decided there was no adverse effect of the acquisition of the banking market or other relevant market.

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal, Bank of America currently has $ 1, 8 trillion in consolidated assets and manage deposit USD774, 2 billion, which represents 10.8 percent of total deposits in banks in the land of Uncle Sam. While Merrill Lynch has consolidated assets of USD875 billion and manage savings of $ 77, 8 billion.

The Fed said the acquisition will make the company’s assets to $ 2, 7 billion and manage fund saving up to USD852 billion, or 11.9 percent of the total bank deposits in the U.S..

As you know, Bank of America, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has the largest deposits in the U.S., while Merrill Lynch is a broker company that is known throughout the world.

The Fed’s announcement of its approval of the acquisition comes after Bank of America shares rose 63 cents, or 4.3 percent, to close at USD15 number, 42. While acquiring shares of Merrill Lynch rose 85 cents, or 7.5 percent, to close at USD12 number, 21.

“Blending a wealth management firm in the world with the biggest bank financial services company will present the most important in the world, without any match,” said Bank of America director Kenneth Lewis, quoted by AFP.

Marketing Strategies

Decline in Competitiveness

Whenever decreased competitiveness, great nations have always noisy. So when the global competitiveness ranking Indonesia dropped from position 46 to No. 50. Unlike true with countries that have always ranked at the bottom: Haiti, Sierra Leone, and Burundi.

As powerless and helpless, from one year to dwell there. Small noises certainly not just belong to Indonesia. On television I saw a number of discussions that mention despite Indonesia’s rating fell, investments in certain business sectors (especially oil) rose steadily. The discussions revolved around the value of new investment, not on productivity.

Similarly, no one has questioned why Malaysia more attractive to Tony Fernandes to be home-based Air Asia than Indonesia which clearly its market is much larger. Similarly, more interested in why Lion Air took Malindo to be the hub for the international airline business. If it was included would be more interesting.

From Thailand Thanong Khanthong wrote his opinion in The Nation. He questioned why the ratings Thailand (ranked 38th) could be assessed under the hardship-stricken country amid distrust, Spain (ranked 36th). Spain has just requested a bailout fund of 100 billion euros. Spanish Economic conditions were very tough, just like the current economic conditions Thailand hit by the economic crisis in 1997.

Similarly mastered how to explain the Russian energy business worth $ 2 trillion just in No. 67 and India only at No. 59. How can we accept Israel’s competitiveness (ranked 26th) is higher than China (29) which controls the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves?

But one thing needs to be understood by the leaders of Indonesia, economic and business can no longer be separated and to develop the economy or the welfare approach is needed more than just macroeconomic policy.

Culture vs. Kultur Business Economics

Although the business is part of the economic activity, scientifically according to the day they move to a different runway. Superior Nations is a nation that is able to integrate both simultaneously. One is the stability of the state level, the one taking care of the business world. Way of thinking is different, but once put together, the results can be productivity.

In this case Indonesia need to revisit the concept of economic development is charged to Bappenas. Bappenas can not work without the principles of strategic management for Indonesia’s economy has been transformed into a complex system. Indonesia has turned into a great power with a very diverse actor with the mindset, the way to work or interests vary in a very broad spectrum.

Without a good strategic planning, what has been stated is not necessarily carried out and what the run is not necessarily what you want to meet. If not Bappenas, who held the role of strategic planning in this country?

If we peek at the way in which the nations of the superior, who always occupied the top ranking, which despite crisis remains optimistic look tomorrow and get back, we can see the role of strategic planning is so intense.

Country is not only busy with himself, but to work with the business to be able to generate economic activity are more valuable, more capable of creating wealth through jobs. Switzerland and Singapore for example, was ranked first and second, but in fact is not a country rich with natural resources.

But they can get out of the trap limits, come out with a series of productive strategies. Certainly not without problems, but the state-run good strategic planning took over the perceived concerns of its citizens (uncertainty) into programs that are adaptive and able to be a winner. Economic development has its own way of looking wide influence in the choices given.

When you look at the economic paradigm of wealth in terms of sectors and commodities, saw strategic planning and brand of eyewear segment. Just look at the headlines in the newspapers of various countries. When a country’s economy is still simple and the concept of economic development is based, the headlines are always about the economic sectors (such as agriculture, mining, finance) and commodities (rice, rubber, coffee, gold, and so on).

As in countries whose economies have a competitive advantage, the headlines are no longer sectors and commodities, but the segment and brand. Anyway all the company’s name and brand is already inevitable by the media. In South Korea there is always a story with the title Samsung, Hyundai or Daewo. In China there is the title Cnoock or Cinopec. So too if you go to Malaysia, Singapore and countries in Western Europe and the United StatesEven in those countries that you rarely encounter headlines that promote economic and commodity sectors. Everything speaks the name, the name of economic powerhouse. Commodities are the result of natural resources has not been processed into value-added productive economic activities. When harvest occurs, excess supply, prices will fall, and welfare of all its links disrupted as is happening to mining commodities in Kalimantan and Sulawesi today.

Conversely, a more sophisticated society no longer buy coffee or cocoa. They bought Starbucks, Ship Fire or Torabika. Silver Queen, Van Houten, Lindt, or Godiva. Once a nation brand building, innovation to work, patents began to appear and improved infrastructure. The newspaper was not shy to make a name as a headline. That is measured in competitiveness indices concerning many things.

Brand and economic powerhouse requires a healthy business climate so competitive and capable of running the government’s supporting role as job security. Broad-based economic impact brands, ranging from reputation, standardization, quality of human resources to infrastructure and bureaucracy. That is why economic planning can not only be built on the foundation of thinking flat.

Economic planning needs to be made with a modern and sophisticated management, seeking earnestly that Indonesia’s natural resources capable of generating superior brands with high reputation. There is still a lot going on national entrepreneurs who move operations overseas offices and operates its global brand from neighboring countries.

Base production-based commodity that are placed in Sumatra or Borneo, but the packaging, marketing and research exist in other countries. This global brand is widespread in a variety of markets from Africa to Latin America and there was no way the sentence is written “Made In Indonesia” So I think Indonesia needs to think of new ways to promote the business logic to advance their welfare.

Indonesia needs to build dozens of independent economic powerhouse, capable of attracting 52 million informal sector into the global battle system is more dignified. To that end, the logic of modern management and strategic planning in the organization of the state should be..

Marketing Strategies Products Business

K-24 master of pharmacy for 24 hours from Yogyakarta Indonesia

K-24 is a pharmacy Pharmacies are open 24 hours non-stop every day, and is committed to providing for a complete medication at reasonable prices. Dedication to serving the community through modern management, with policy rates remain the same in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, weekday, or holiday, pharmacies have made K-24 as a favorite pharmacy in her hometown, Yogyakarta.

Established in 2002, within a period of 6 years, Apotek K-24 has been operating more than 100 outlets.

Ten (10) of the total outlets are owned by Franchisor (own company), and the other is owned and operated by the Franchisee (the Franchisee Pharmacies K-24).

Through a franchise system, Apotek K-24 is expected to become the market leader in Indonesia pharmacy business that provides a variety of drugs are relatively complete, open 24 hours, including holidays, which are spread throughout Indonesia.

The presence of K-24 pharmacies currently have even been able to change consumer behavior in buying drugs, especially in the evenings and holidays. The existence of Pharmacy K-24 makes the consumer does not need to rush in to buy drugs, because they believe consumers will get the drug at the pharmacy when the K-24 and any needed hours. Consumers are already familiar with K-24 pharmacy services, including consultation with a pharmacist and Drug Free Delivery Order (shuttle between prescription and drugs).

Marketing Strategies

BCA sold 90.99 million shares to Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank

JAKARTA – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has sold as many as 90.99 million shares of treasury stock, which is partly owned by the company.

In a disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), the sale of shares was made on August 7, 2012. Buyers of shares BCA itself is Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited and Deutsche Bank AG, Hong Kong Branch.

“Buyers are not affiliated with the company,”

Performed at Rp7.700 sales price per share. Price it no lower than Rp7.624 per share which is the average closing price during the 90 days before the date of the sale. Price Rp7.700 per share represents the closing price the day before the date of the sale.

BCA has been in organizing two share repurchase program (buyback). First on 17 January to 31 October 2006, the number of shares bought back 90.99 million shares. Second, on February 11 to November 15, 2008. The Company managed to buy 198.78 million shares.

“The company must sell all shares of treasury stock at the latest on 15 November 2013,”

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Target 2013 Mall CWS 100% Occupancy

Ciputra World Surabaya (CWS) catch-occupancy (occupancy tenan) to 100 percent in 2013.

Ciputra World Surabaya GM linga Frances said, until July of this new mall 98 percent occupancy.

“Booking already 98 percent occupied, but which had opened a new 92 percent or approximately 225 tenan,” he said after opening Sensational HSBC Reward Points Program HSBC – CWS.

Total tenan CWS when open 100 percent of some 260 tenan. “Until the end of the year is estimated to be 99 percent occupancy, for some tenan will open next month,” he added

Among others, Armani Jeans, Versace, Pancious Cake, Hugo Boss, Ferragamo, XO Suki, and Gekko. “The end of the year will be a 230-an tenan the open,” confident.

The new mall in operation 1.5 years also believed not to raise tariffs on all tenan service charge this year.

“Service charge and rental rates have not changed this year because the new mall and we still have to see the market, although many candidates tenan a glance, but we really have to be selective because the segment should be in accordance with the concept of CWS,” he explained.

Tenan current rental rates in the range of Rp CWS 200000-550000 per meter per month, are beyond the service charge rates and the cost of electricity, water and gas.

Marketing Strategies

Facebook founder was thrown from the World Top 10 Richest People

One of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was thrown from dafar world’s 10 richest people in the field of technology or “the world’s 10 Richest technology billionaires”. Wealth of 28-year-old boy was greatly undermined by the decline in the value of Facebook shares.

Bloomberg reported, wealth Zuckerberg dropped 423 million U.S. dollars, because the company shares the world’s largest social media was down four percent to 20.04 dollars in New York. The value of shares was a record low of Facebook shares.

Zuckerberg wealth of current “live” 10.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Wealth value of approximately $ 400 million under James Goodnight, co-founder Cary, SAS software maker based in North Carolina, United States. Goodnight at position number 10 according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Facebook shares have been sliding down 47 percent since the launch of the worth of its shares with a value of 38 dollars per share.

Zuckerberg’s wealth comes from owning 503.6 million shares of Facebook. The young man had other property in the form dlolar bentuh 150 million in cash and other liquid assets.

When a business Facebook is down, not so with Goodnight. 69-year-old grandfather has the largest software company in the world who earn 2.7 billion dollars, up 12 percent over last year.

Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, remains the richest person with a net worth of about 61.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Marketing Strategies

Apple Launches-5, Apple shares Print Record High

Apple launched its newest gadget, Iphone 5. The impact of the strike was, Apple Inc. shares are traded on the Nasdaq reached a record high.

Shares of Apple Inc. reached a record high after the launch of iPhone 5. Shares of Apple yesterday penetrate USD705, 07 per share.

Meanwhile, the movement of a number of indexes on Wall Street moves mixed. The Dow Jones industrial average slipped 17.46 points yesterday, or 0.13 percent, to 13579.47. While Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slipped 0.11 points to 0.01 percent to 1460.15. While a number of technology stocks in the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 4 points and 0.13 percent to 3179.96.

News from Spain which has said it will freeze the pension fund and accelerate the retirement age for investors welcomed the budget cut. While plans were rolled out QE3 The Fed is still a positive sentiment.

“The market is still looking forward to the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing and promised,”

In yesterday’s trading, gold prices rise quickly and sharply to USD1777, 19 per try onz. Many banks have a high exposure to gold so this increase will have an impact on their margins.

For information, yesterday trade volume reached 7.92 million shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq and Amex.

Marketing Strategies

Stopping Power: Advertising Tong Fang and Zakat

“I used to forget to tithe. Following Fang Tong went to the clinic, I was so diligently tithe. Clinic Thanks Tong Fang.” Maybe it’s a play that is suitable for linking my topic this time is about advertising Clinic Tong Fang with advertisements tithe are scattered throughout the month of Ramadan.

The phenomenon of Tong Fang as a trending topic on Twitter is drawing attention of the masses. Here proved that the virus word of mouth can work well when the topic is interesting to have stopping power. Good first impression was powerful.

If an advertisement, whether online or offline, do not attract attention in a matter of seconds, he can be said to fail. How many ads we see per day? From start TV advertising, outdoor media advertising, to advertising on social media. Thousands of them. How can we remember? Having the right advertising needed to get out of the crowd.

Ads should be designed to attract attention, with the original idea, out of the box, if it needs to be funny. Of course, still in the corridor carrying the brand message. That is very important in the beginning is the power of stopping power. At least, if there is a pause and watch the ads, then it’s no “wow factor” of his. Clinical testimonial-style ad Tong Fang is not new actually. Testimonials have been used since decades ago.

Remember the Toyota ad? Testimonials about how much charge is in the vehicle, which then also raises the ad parody parody version. Parody is not always painful. Sometimes even funnier than the original ad that makes the message more memorable brand.

Orange Oreo ad parody in the form of comic books starring a little star Afika quite funny and had the strength to actually lift products Oreo Orange became known, not negatively. Although it is important to pack the brand message as creatively as possible, there should be a limit. Some brands just too far. Which initially may be perceived as stopping power, it backfired of its own brand image.

Clinical Tong Fang has become the butt of social media, is an example of an ad that attracts attention, but later due to excessive testimony, backfired. Testimony was in the beginning is stopping power of Ad Tong Fang. Imagine, all kinds of diseases can be cured after treatment at the clinic!

Do not forget that not all TV viewers an audience Clinic Tong Fang who incidentally is an alternative treatment, which may have been tired seeing everywhere and did not recover as well. For the audience who happened to be educated and healthy, this is a statement that is misleading hyperbole. Incessant pun posting on Twitter a spill guts uncomfortable feeling when watching the ad.

What about charity advertising? Of the many outstanding advertising charity this year, I was struck by a very large advertising billboards in the Quarter Rubber. It’s the sound of the message: “want a richer and blessing? Never forget to pay zakat often infaq”. This message was delivered by BAZIS administration. These ads have high stopping power, in the midst of another charity ad. Creative team needs thumbs up for the creativity.

In the midst of a charity advert average reads: (1) The beauty of tithe and sharing, (2) His Hands full, continue to provide day and night, (3) the Zakat, Do not worry, be happy, etc. … An ad promoting direct benefit tithe is a breakthrough.

Audience is always attracted to the “What’s in it for me? (WIIFM)”. Stopping power like this that I think have a high strength but out of the corridors of merit.

In my opinion, tithing is a secular activity with non-temporal output, which is an intangible reward from Allah SWT. Linking worldly benefit in advertisements tithe is to promote the desire for rich indeed bothering conscience.

Worldly benefits should not be stopping power for a commercial solicitation tithe. Style of advertising is no different than ad Tong Fang. That explores the direct benefits: “If seeing a Clinic Tong Fang, then all diseases cured? If tithe and infaq, it will be a get rich quick”.

While in the sentence is added to get rich quick words and blessings, nonetheless, in terms of appropriateness to the theme of earthly advertise for non-worldly is not appropriate. At the time of designing communication messages, must be seen first situation faced by brand or category of products / services advertised.

The current constraints that the amount of zakat collected by the Institute of Amil Zakat (LAZ) is still low, not because of low awareness charity. Consulting ETNOMARK been doing research about it and earn the finding that the issue is the level of trust to distribute alms to the LAZ are still low.

In a credibility issue and not an issue of awareness tithe, LAZ should be the motor for BAZIS Establishments perception changes. The ads about charity in the month of Ramadan should be designed to erode distribute zakat through LAZ doubt.

Explain what are the benefits for the audience. Stopping power is to be creative and touching benefits for the audience. “Want to haves” and “charity” does not match. To look for other more stopping power relevant.

Marketing Strategies Small Business

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Small business marketing strategies identify аnd implement thе goals οf thе company. A sound marketing strategy іѕ inevitable fοr thе success οf аnу business. Thе strategy helps tο focus thе marketing οn thе business target. Small business marketing strategies include market research, identification οf customer groups аnd target competitors аnd efforts tο tailor thе product pricing. Thе success οf thе strategy relies οn thе proper implementation οf thе formulated methods. It аlѕο judges thе effectiveness οf thе marketing рlаn. Small businesses hаνе unique marketing strategies tο meet customer needs, whіlе offering maximum profitability wіth minimum investment. Attractive marketing materials аnd ambient аftеr sales support аrе аlѕο a раrt οf small business marketing strategy.

Small business marketing strategies consist οf three basic steps. Thеу аrе increase thе number οf customers, increase thе average transaction amount аnd increase thе frequency οf repurchase. Thеу ѕtаrt wіth client problems аnd demonstrate methods tο rectify іt. Thіѕ wіll hеlр tο build a network οf clients. Consistent аftеr sales support аlѕο enhances thе popularity аnd credibility οf thе product. Marketing strategies аlѕο assess thе profitability οf аn аррrοасh before actual promotion, tο avoid thе pitfalls.


Small business marketing strategies include various options tο increase business revenue. Thеу try tο асqυіrе more customers, sell more expensive products, come up wіth more profitable products аnd persuade each customer tο bυу more. Thе marketing strategy іѕ developed according tο thе nature οf thе product οr service. Thе business concern wіll tailor thе product option according tο thе target group. Thus thеrе аrе premier versions fοr those whο сhοοѕе expensive goods, comprehensive plans fοr profit seeking customers аnd a few basic products. Thе quality аnd reliability οf products ultimately determine customer satisfaction.

Small businesses аlѕο introduce unique marketing strategies tο differentiate a company frοm іtѕ competitors. Cause-related marketing іѕ аn attractive strategy thаt helps tο gain customer loyalty аnd media coverage. Thе association wіth аn organization helps tο profit frοm thе situation without much financial burden. Referral marketing іѕ thе mοѕt powerful, cost-effective marketing strategy. Promotions аnd offers intimated tο thе existing database through regular newsletters οr mail alerts wіll hеlр.

Small business marketing strategies аrе a summary οf thе goals οf marketing plans. Thеу provide guidelines аnd motivate companies tο achieve a competent sales record.